How to Unlock ZTE MF190 Modem For Free


    To Unlock ZTE modems can be very difficult because they mostly don’t get unlocked via unlock codes, I will show you how to unlock ZTE MF190 modem for free. Most network carriers sell out two major internet modems, the Huawei and ZTE modems, if you have the old Huawei modem you can unlock it yourself with an Online Huawei Unlocker.
    Unlocking your ZTE MF190 Modem Follow this steps
    1. First download Dc Unlocker from this link here
    2. Get your ZTE ready for unlocking by removing the memory card if you have one in and insert an unsupported SIM card (not a sim from the network carrier)    CONTINUE AFTER THIS CUT>>>>>>

    3. Plug in the ZTE modem inside your computer allow the modem’s dashboard to come up then make sure to close it
    4. Now unzip the file you have downloaded you can use winrar or winzip to extract it
    5. Now open the file inside the folder named DC Crap.exe
    6. on the first option select ZTE datacards, select auto detect and click search (see the picture below) it should detect your modem now
    7. Now on the right hand side click unlocking and click unlock.
    8. within few seconds your modem should be unlocked and you will get a notification that your modem has been unlocked successfully.
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