How To Upgrade or Downgrade Your BlackBerry OS Online And Offline


RIM-Officially-Changes-App-Icons-in-BlackBerry-10-2How To Upgrade or Downgrade Your BlackBerry OS Online And Offline –

Upgrading is one of the
features I love about BlackBerry
phones, you can upgrade and
also downgrade, if feel your OS
is to slow you can upgrade if
there a OS higher than the
current one you are using or
even downgrade if your OS is
slow and you are using the
highest available then
downgrade your OS to the
lower one.For those who don’t know the

meaning of OS it is Operating
System in blackberry it is
released in series and different
dates some OS work for some
phones and some don’t work
for it.
How To Upgrade And
Downgrade Your BlackBerry OS
Updating your blackberry OS
online is one of the easiest
method for newbies, but it has
lots of requirement.
Note: upgrade and downgrade
are done the same way
What Your need for an online
upgrade or downgrade are;
computer (laptop, desktop,
netbook etc)
strong internet connectivity
Constant power supply at the
time of upgrade.
Data Blackberry cable USB for
connecting your phone to your
Blackberry should have up to
75% of battery life and more.
Blackberry Desktop software
must be installed in the
Step to Step
connect your Blackberry Phone
with your computer through
the Blackberry cable USB
connect your connect to this


Locate and click button that
containing the words software
update or check for update.
Upgrade BlackBerry operating
system process will run
automatically. Allowed if there is
request to create backup
(backup should be made prior
to this process).
Upgrading Your Blackberry OS
this is more difficult than the
online method for a newbie, to
use this method please read the
tutorial well and understand it. 

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