How to Vote on Big Brother Hotshot


rsrcHow to Vote on Big Brother Hotshot? The Big brother Hotshot housemates has constantly showed off their talents to the continent  giving millions of viewers a glimpse into what makes them Hotshots.

Viewers met the housemates who will be competing for the USD300 000 prize over the next 63 days, one-by-one, as they showcased their talents, live on stage, in one-minute slots.

The house seems to be full of musicians and singers, with Kenya’s Sabina and Rwanda’s Arthur breaking the mould with comedy routines, Ghana’s M’am Bea showcasing her fashion design talents and Laveda picking up top marks with her saxophone solo.

Tanzania’s Laveda led a Top 6 that included Sabina, M’am Bea, Lilian, Arthur and JJ, meaning she is the only one not in danger of going home next week.

So what do you do if you want to save your favorite housemates? Vote!

Here is all the voting information you need to save your favorite:

Voting opened immediately after the launch show and runs until next Sunday morning. The more you vote for your favourite nominated housemate, the better their chance of staying in the house and being named as the winner. There are four ways to vote for your favourite housemate each week:

1.    Via SMS
2.    Via WeChat
3.    Via
4.    Via the mobisite on your mobile phone

SMS Voting
To vote via SMS: Text the keyword ‘Vote’, followed by the name of the housemate to the short code number for your country. For example SMS “Vote Uti” to 22626. SMS’s are charged as applicable per specific network tariff. VAS rates apply. Free minutes do not apply. Please note that you can vote 100 times by SMS per mobile number during each voting period.   SEE MORE ON PAGE 2

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  1. Macky2 is the most boring person in bba house those voting for him don’t understand what the game is all about they re blind too.

  2. Sipe,keeps deniying macy2 b4 other hm bt cuddle him in secret ;she is using him 2play her game Africa macky2 country’s mate should open their eyes wide.

  3. Tayo is cowward,he thought by being a Nigerian he is already a winner,i am so alergic to fake tayo VOTE IDRIS

  4. Tayo is d most hottest shot in da house e has got all it takes 2 win dt money e is a winner.1 lv king Tayo u hav made Africa proud.cheers!!!

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