How To Watch Live Television Channels On VLC Player?

    VLC media player  is a free and open-source cross-platform media player written by the VideoLAN project. Vlc Supports most of the video and audio formats.I think that it is the best player in the world.Not only it supports many formats but also it have many features 

    likes streaming etc.Today i will be showing you how you can watch live television on vlc player .Yes it is possible to enjoy your favorite tv channels on this wonderful player !  VLC media player  is a free and open-source cross-platform media player written by the VideoLAN project. Vlc Supports most of the  video and audio formats.I think that it is the best player in the world.Not only it supports many formats but also it have many features likes streaming etc.Today i’m going to show you how to watch live television on vlc player.Yes it is possible to enjoy your favorite tv channels on this wonderful player ! SE STEPS AFTER CUT>>>>

    Steps To Watch Live Television Channels On VLC Player !

    Step 1 :- Fisrtly open VLC Player 

    Step 2 :- Then Press Ctrl + S. 

    Step 3 :- Then Click On Network Tab !

    Step 4:- Now copy the address of any channel you want to watch From below URL’s

    Channel Name                                Address

    Aaj Tak                                    rtsp://

    CNBC Aawaz                         rtsp://

    CNBC TV 18                          rtsp://

    Headlines Today                       rtsp://

    NDTV 24×7                            rtsp://

    NK News                                rtsp://

    RAJ News                               rtsp://

    ETV                                         rtsp://

    Studio N                                  rtsp://

    NDTV                                     rtsp://

    NDTV Profit                            rtsp://

    Times Now                              rtsp://

    SVBC                                      rtsp://

    Zoo Vision                               rtsp://

    B4u Music                               rtsp://

    iMusic                                     rtsp://

    Zee Tamil                                rtsp://

    Zee Kannad                            rtsp://

    Zee Bangla                              rtsp://

    Music Box                              rtsp://

    Bella Tv                                  rtsp://

    Crime                                     rtsp://

    Mystery                                  rtsp://

    Clubbing Tv                            rtsp://

    Sab Tv                                   rtsp://

    Sony Tv                                 rtsp://

    Zoom Music                           rtsp://

    Fashion Tv                              rtsp://

    Adventure                               rtsp://

    Horror                                    rtsp://

    Comedy                                 rtsp://

    Classic                                   rtsp://

    Animal Planet                         rtsp://

    Star Plus (Hd)                        rtsp://

    Star one                                rtsp://

    [V] Music                             rtsp://

    Cartoon Network                 rtsp://

    Discovery                             rtsp://

    Zee Smile                             rtsp://

    DD National                         rtsp://

    India TV                               rtsp://

    Star News                            rtsp://

    Zee Business                         rtsp://

    Zing                                      rtsp://

    Zee Tv                                 rtsp://

    etc                                       rtsp://

    Zee Classic                          rtsp://

    Ten sport                             rtsp://

    Colors Tv                            rtsp://

    UTV Movies                       rtsp://

    NDTV –                        rtsp://

    NDTV Profit –                        rtsp://

    Times Now –                        rtsp://

    CNBC Aawaz –                        rtsp://

    CNBC TV 18 –                        rtsp://

    Headlines Today –                        rtsp://

    NDTV 24×7 –                        rtsp://

    NK News –                        rtsp://

    RAJ News –                        rtsp://

    ETV –                        rtsp://

    Studio N –                        rtsp://

    SVBC –                        rtsp://

    Zoo Vision –                        rtsp://

    B4u Music –                        rtsp://

    iMusic –                        rtsp://

    Zee Tamil –                        rtsp://

    Zee Kannad –                        rtsp://

    Zee Bangla –                        rtsp://

    Music Box –                        rtsp://

    Bella Tv –                        rtsp://

    Fashion Tv –                        rtsp://

    Adventure –                        rtsp://

    Horror –                        rtsp://

    Comedy –                        rtsp://

    Classic –                        rtsp://

    Crime –                        rtsp://

    Mystery –                        rtsp://

    Clubbing Tv –                        rtsp://

    Step 5 :- Then the paste it in the “Network URL” tab and then click on Play option from the drop down list under the stream option, Enjoy ! 

    Note: T.V Channel Requires great speed so that it can play live !.So you may face problems while watching it on slow network

    So By Using Some URL’s We Can stream T.V. Channels On VLC Player! 

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