Hulk Hogan Takes Dig At Miley Cyrus’s ‘Wrecking Ball’


Hulk Hogan seems to be having a ball these days – and it’s at Miley Cyrus‘s expense. The wrestling star gleefully spoofed the twerktastic pop tart’s infamous “Wrecking Ball video by unleashing his own swinging homage to her provocative antics. Emphasis on swingingIn an ad for his Web hosting service, Hostmania, Hogan, 60, mounts his very own wrecking ball, riding high while brandishing a fierce feather boa. Not to be outdone by Cyrus, 20, who goes au naturel in her video, Hogan wears a thong in his, um, cheeky spoof, flashing his butt to viewers as he literally peddles his wares.
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