Hybrid Helicopter Plane Is Battery Powered & Doesn’t Need A Runway It Takes Off Vertically

    Powering down a runway in an aeroplane could be a thing of the past – for the rich and famous at least – if this concept for a personal aircraft takes off.
    A team of engineers who specialise in the design of wind-energy turbines have designed a small electric aeroplane that can take off vertically.
    Its lift off would be similar to a helicopter’s, but once airborne, the S2 aircraft’s 12 rotor blade motors fold up so it can glide along like a conventional plane. SEE MORE AFTER CUT>>>>>>

    it would make five times more efficient that a personal aeroplane burning approximately one-and-a-half gallons of fuel, Mr Bevirt told Popsci that the plane would not have been possible a decade ago, but compact and efficient motors, increasingly power dense batteries, smart control systems and ever tinier sensors mean that the S2 could soon take to the skies.
    Its most noticeable feature is retractable arms that reposition the motors from a horizontal position like a helicopter to take off vertically – to folding up for aerodynamic flight. Computers can adjust the speed of the motors 4,000 times per second to optimise efficiency, reduce noise and improve flight control, according to the firm.
    The models demonstrate that 12 compact electric motors work three times as efficiently as combustion engines on personal airplanes, which could make the S2 a safer way for the rich and famous to travel in the futur

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