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‘I spend more money on clothes’ -YENI KUTI ”YOURVIEW TVC HOST SPEAKS”


YK Power564 YENI Kuti, one of the co-hosts of popular television talk show, Your View on Television Continental, Lagos recaps how she found herself in the tube.

How did you get involved in the TVC talk show, Your View?

I have always wanted to do a talk show with my friend, Carol King. But for logistics, we are still trying to work on that.  And then I got a call from the producer of the show that I should come on board and that was it.

You were able to settle in very well, how did you do that?

We did rehearsals for sometime to get familiar with the cameras.

Apart from the rehearsals, what gives you that confidence when you come face to face with the camera?

I just forget that the cameras are there. Once I look away from the cameras, I am always confident. I am a bit shy whenever I look at the cameras.

Are you on a long term involvement in the talk show?

I hope to be part of the show for a long time.  I am enjoying it. I have been away from the show for two weeks now and I have started missing being on television.

Of all the topics on the show, which one do you find interesting and enjoyable?

The topic that concerns men and women, I am always on the opposing side so the other women attack me.  My father married 27 wives so they can never understand where I am coming from.

Sometime there are conflicting views, does that affect your relationship with others outside the studios?

Not at all.  Sometimes whenever we have conflicting views we usually continue after the show.  It is all fun.

Being a co-host on TVC would have created a lot of change in your schedule?

Yes, I have to wake up at 4 a.m to beat the traffic.  I like to get there early to read my newspapers.  Now, the show has helped me to know so many things going on in the country.  Sometimes when I sit with my partner he would say I know so many things now than before.  It has widened my horizon.

You have also brought your experience in the entertainment scene to bear on the show?

Yes, because I have been in the entertainment industry more than half of my life.  I started dancing at 24. I am 53 now, that is 30 years.  People now know me more. Some of the things I used to do, I can’t do them anymore.

This show would have also put pressure on you in terms of buying new clothes for the show?

I have always loved buying clothes instead of buying landed property.  Like others, I buy more of clothes. I would have bought more clothes whether I am on TVC or not because I love clothes. I love to match my clothes with the same jewelry.  It has been easy for me to dress the way I want.

Do you also have time to watch other talk shows?

I now watch other talk shows to get ideas, exposures and all that. It’s a new perspective for me

Have you been able to discover some other parts of you that you were not aware of?

It is not that I am not aware of some new things about me, I have not been able to explore them.  I have always wanted to do talk show.  I know I would do something like this some day.

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