Idris Sultan and Samantha Jasen Of Big Brother Hotshots Are crazily in Love with Each other


Idris-and-Samantha-Dar-Live-Tz-1Idris Sultan and Samantha Jasen Of Big Brother Hotshots Are crazily in Love with Each other, Idris and Samantha met in the Big Brother house during the Hotshots season. The reality series ended but their friendship is going great and seems to be the real thing. South African entrepreneur, Samantha joined Tanzanian photographer, Idris in his home  country and the two are enjoying each other’s company.

Over the holiday season, the Big Brother Hotshots winner took Samantha to his parents and relatives and now it looks like they have officially given him a green light. Samantha was delighted by the reception she got from Idris’ family and she took to social media to share her joy with the world, “They’ve only been good to me and I can’t say thank you enough. How people can love you this much but only no you a few weeks is beyond me . God bless your beautiful hearts. Thank you ! Thank you ! Thank you #beautifulhearts #beautifulsouls #love #life #blessings #blessed #amazing #namaste #peace #happiness #godfirst” she wrote, captioning the photo below;


 Earlier on the two had a romantic leisure holiday in Zanzibar Island before flying back to mainland Tanzania for other festivities. Samantha accompanied Idris to Diamond Platinumz’s Dar Live Christmas concert and he couldn’t hide his love for her with the couple getting on stage holding each in a very romantic way. Later @IdrisSultan shared that “On your walk to fame and success take your true friends with you they deserve it.”


Meanwhile, a source close to the duo told us that, “they get on so well and have always had a special connection from the moment they met on the BBA show. Now they have found each other again and it feels like this is it.”



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