Independent National Electoral Commission “INEC” Says it has Achieved 81.2% distribution of Permanent Voter Cards PVCs.”


Prof-Attahiru-Jega-360x225-800x500_c“The Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, says it has achieved 81.2% distribution of the Permanent Voter Cards, PVCs.” as at amrch 12th , 2015– INEC Nigeria Tweets, March 12th, 2015 “What we protested for was the removal of Jega over the poor distribution of PVCs in the south, registration of underage in the north and creation of additional 30,000 polling units in the north.” -Oga Ade’s Regional Military Commander, Lieutenant-General G Adams of the Yoruba Harmed Forces on March 16, 2015 Collection rate was only 54% in 2011, and there was no pre-election protest. Professor Attahiru Jega was even commended instead.


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