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Insider spills tea on what Beyonce, Jay Z, Drake, Rihanna & more are supposedly like in person  

Found this weird report on Read below…

“Have you ever wondered what your favorite celebrities, are really like. Well we got the tea from a very popular sytlist. And she gave her impressions of each of them:

¤ Very petite.
¤ Gorgeous soft skin.
¤ Lol She did not have bad breath!!!
¤ Has a weird body shape. I was expecting her to have killer curves and a fat ass but I was really disappointed to find she had none of these.
¤Her blonde weave looks really good in person.
¤ Lol She has a thick ass Texas accent and her voice is very deep.
¤ She’s very difficult to work with. Doesn’t know how to speak or threat people who work under her.
¤ She’s really not that smart but she thinks she is. It’s like being in a group and having to work with that one person who thinks she’s smarter than all of you but is constantly coming up with stupid ideas you guys know won’t work but are to afraid to tell her, so you just let her do her thing lol.
¤ Very handsome in person.
¤ Smells really good.
¤ Down to earth.
¤ Very easy to work with. Knows how to work with people, unlike his wife.
¤ Very understanding and thoughtful.

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