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Interview with Actor Ken Erics One of Nollywood’s Emerging faces

ken-eric-2215 Interview with Actor Ken Erics One of Nollywood’s Emerging faces, Ken Erics is no doubt a hunk and one of Nollywood’s emerging faces. A graduate of Theatre Arts and a native of Anambra State, Ken, in a career spanning a couple of years have robbed shoulders with the crème of Nollywood.

In this chat with Vera Wisdom Bassey, he talks about the journey so far and his dreams.


How would you describe your kind of person?

I’m easy going, a learner and I’m ambitious. I’m not much of an extrovert and I pay a lot of attention to detail. I have a small circle of friends. Also, I’m a lover of good music; I sing and play the guitar and piano.


You seem to be endowed in the arts. How did it all begin?

While in school as an undergraduate of Theatre Arts, I featured in countless stage plays including Femi Osofisan’s Hopes Of The Living Dead, Grip Am, Everyman, Trials Of Oba Ovoramnwen, Esiaba Irobi’sHangmen Also Die, Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh and lots more. I’ve always had the conviction that I would be in entertainment. I had a very interesting childhood. I was raised in a home where one was exposed to arts in all forms. And I’m lucky to have liberal minded parents who allowed us to pursue our dreams. So it wasn’t a surprise to my folks when I chose to study Theatre Arts. During my youth service in Kaduna State, I went for an audition and got a role in a soap opera entitled Webs. After service I pursued my dream and attended as many auditions as possible and today the rest is history.


What was it like acting in Teco Benson’s Danger Signal?

(Laughter) That was in my third year in the University. I got wind of the audition in Lagos and I left school in a commercial luxurious bus in the night. I stood half of the journey and slept on the floor of the bus because I couldn’t afford the fare. When I got to Lagos in the morning, I rushed to a friend’s house and showered, then headed to the national theatre for the audition. Luckily I made it and was given a role to play as Desmond Elliot’s friend. Though it wasn’t a big role, I still gave it my best.  It was great acting alongside Desmond Elliot in Danger Signal.eric-ken1


Tell us about life as a celebrity?

(Laughs) I might be popular but I don’t have the notion that I’m a celebrity. I still live my simple life. The only difference is that the exposure has forced me indoors. The life of an actor is not an enviable one. However it’s heartwarming to hear someone tell me ‘you are my role model and I love you.


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