Interview With Nollywood Actor Benson Okonkwo Who Proudly declared that he is Nigeria’s Sexiest Man Recently


FngUPL3HMaR19LvnNhO4PwjFNollywood actor, Benson Okonkwo, who proudly declared that he is Nigeria’s sexiest man recently is in the news again.The actor, who is a Business Management graduate and has been overtime tagged gay, has revealed some new things about himself that will excite you. In the new interview with The Sun, Benson Okonkwo talked about how guys hit on him thinking he is gay, how ladies flock around him, how cute and sexy he is, and many more!

Read the excerpts below:

What is that thing about you that made you win Sexiest Man award twice?

First of all I want to give all the glory to God and my fans for voting for me. I am a very sexy man as you can see. Let me say that I have always been sexy. I started to model at the age of 16 and I did stuff for platforms like Zain, Nestle, and Gold Circle Condoms to mention a few. I had done loads of commercial jobs before hitting Nollywood and guess what, I don’t do runway; I am strictly commercial. I have always been sexy. I started winning the award in secondary school. It’s something you cannot take away from me. The word sexy lives with me.


You just said that the word sexy lives with you. What is the secret to your sex appeal?

The secret is my lovely mum. I don’t have a sister. We are four boys and no girl so I took over from my mum. She is the reason I started acting in Nollywood. She said, ‘Benson, you have been acting all his years in church as Jesus during Stations of The Cross, why don’t you take up acting?’ She said this because every Good Friday in church I acted Jesus during The Stations of The Cross at lent. Also in school, I was in the theatre group so mum advised me to go into acting because she knows it is my dream and it that would make me happy. So I took her advice and here I am today. Ever since it has been loads and loads of shooting of movies.

When did you come into Nollywood and how many movies have you shot to date?

I came in 2008 and to date I have shot over 50 movies.  


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