Introducing Nigeria’s Eco-Innovation Hub


    This the first Innovation Hub in Ondo State, Nigeria. Founded this year by Constant Asabia and Deji Adejuyigbe, Eco-Innovation Hub. The hub is an open space for the technologists, investors, tech companies and hackers in the area and focuses on young designers, researchers and entrepreneurs building web and mobile phone applications. According to the founders, the hub is part open community workspace, part vector for investors and Venture Capitalists and part incubator with high-speed internet connectivity and stable power supply,  has mini conference rooms for presentations, business meetings, developer sessions and mini Hackatons. SEE MORE AFTER CUT>>>>

    Riding on the wave that Africa is being recognized as the world’s new fastest growing hub both in infrastructural and technology, with several top class innovations by Africans such as HopSpot, the founders expect the hub will help the youth develop societal relevance solutions not only for Ondo State but the whole country and continent and even globally. To them, ““If it works in Ondo State, then it can work anywhere else in the world!”

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