iReportersTV gets investment Worth $8.5 million from Private Investors

    iReportersTV, Africa’s #1 internet TV site, plans to further the extraordinary growth it has experienced since its launch less than 18 months ago. A recent $8.5 million dollar private investment will allow the website to do just that.  
    With the fast growth rate the website has experienced, there is no wonder as to why private investors wanted to get involved., a Nigerian News and Entertainment site, currently has over 1.5 million monthly visitors from 156 countries worldwide, and currently has over 90 thousand Facebook followers with a daily reach of more than 1 million potential viewers. 

    As of today based on Alexa ranking, it is ranked among the top 24,000 most visited website in the world top 130 most visited website in Nigeria.

    The site specializes in exclusive African community based content, and serves as a medium for those seeking the latest information on current events, music, movies, and lifestyle news. SEE MORE AFTER CUT>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    iReportersTV has provided those in the African community an innovate approach to share their point-of-views with others.
    iReportersTV recently launched its video sharing platform, which has proven to be a success with a high volume of content being upload by contributors already. 
    The site is the first of its kind in Africa that pays its contributors for views, every time someone watches their videos. 
    Sign up is easy, and contributors are given their own “channel”(example www.iReporterstv.Com/MYTV/YourBrand):  which has a unique link that can be shared. 
    Contributors are able to gain followers and continue to build upon their following as they upload content.
     iReportersTV also enables contributors to upload their own personal content from their mobile devices.  
    As a contributor, you can see your viewership and the money you earn increase in real time.  Contributors receive their payout from their views at the end of each month.
    The $8.5 million dollar private investment that iReportersTV received enables the website to continue its expansion efforts to provide future offerings apart from the video sharing capabilities available now.
     The funds will also go to support the revenue opportunity iReportersTV provides its contributors. 
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    About iReportersTV:
    iReportersTV, Africa’s #1 internet TV site, is a revolutionary next generation social media site that combines news with video sharing.  The website was established in April 2012.  iReportersTV offers visitors the opportunity to earn money form their uploaded content every time it is viewed. The website maintains its desire to connect the African community worldwide and provide them with a way to share their stories from their point-of-view. 
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