IROKOTv Boss: Jason Njoku’s Father Who Abandoned Him 33years Ago Now Wants Him Back


At 33 Jason Njoku who is IROKOTv Boss has never met his father. The old man left his mother and the baby, and absconded.  But after over 33 years resurfaced, after that baby is now a big man, One of Nigeria’s youngest Billionaires and Also the CEO of iROKO Partners, A tech company with many international connections.
This is Jason Njoku’s story: His father has heard that the son he abandoned with the woman who gave birth for him 33yrs ago is now a Billionaire. His father now want him back. See Jason’s reaction below… “So my son is now 6.5 months old. He is easily my greatest work. My family beyond all the success in business remains the most important thing I have achieved. Only those from a ‘broken’ home can truly understand that. A happy family is the ultimate sign of success. To be honest I haven’t really started truly understanding what it is to be a father. SEE MORE AFTER CUT>>>>

“Currently I’m just muddling through. I haven’t met my father before. Ever. So as you can imagine I was surprised that after 33 years my own father decided it was time to reach out.”Time to have a chat. Time to connect. Success has many fathers. Failure has none.

Anyway Jason is doing initial gra-gra as he has refused to see his father. But that will not solve anything. The man has made his mistake, stupid mistake, but life must go on. You can’t keep malice with your father, not after he has come out to reach you and apologize to you. Your son deserve to have a grand father.
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