Is Apple’s spaceship headquarters a copycat of Chinese architecture?


12391976_1097391766968309_7098243824278267600_nApple Campus, the new headquarters of Apple Inc. in California may be a duplication of a software park in China, as some Chinese netizens argued, although a representative of Apple has dismissed such comparison as “ridiculous.”

Chinese netizen @Shuiyuerenran argued that the circular-shaped Apple headquarters, which is still under construction, bears a striking resemblance to Shandong Qilu Software Park, a technology complex in east China’s Shandong Province built in 1995.

While some people acknowledged their physical resemblance, others said that such circular design was not the first case to be seen in history, referring to the Colosseum in Rome as an example.

Some others even compared the headquarters to Fujian Tulou, a World Heritage listed rural architecture of Hakka people in the mountainous areas of Fujian Province, which also has a distinctive circular shape.

The Shandong Qilu Software Park used to be the largest single circular building in the world, and can house up to about ten thousand employees to work in it. Apple’s new headquarters, which was reportedly co-designed by the late Apple founder Steve Jobs, will be completed by the summer of 2016.

Hailed as a “spaceship”, the new headquarters of Apple has been the subject of much speculation. Some reports suggest that Apple Campus was inspired by the large space known as the Main Quad on Stanford University’s campus. ‪#‎AppleCampus‬ ‪#‎China‬ SEE PICTURES OF THE EXISTING CHINESE ARCHITECTURE BELOW:12373382_1097391780301641_923975152470217755_n
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