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“It takes a lot of courage and heart” – Serena Williams on Maria Sharapova’s drug test drama


Though they may be rivals on the court, this hasn’t stopped tennis star Serena Williams from showing nothing but support towards Maria Sharapova in light of her recent failed drug test.

Serena spoke about the matter during a press conference for her upcoming match with Caroline Wozniacki yesterday.

“I think most people were surprised, but most people were happy that she was up front. It’s just about taking responsibility, which she admitted she was willing to do. As Maria says, she’s ready to take responsibility, and that takes a lot of courage and heart. She’s always shown courage and heart (in tennis) and it’s no different.” she said.

Recall that Sharapova during a recent press conference confessed that she tested positive during the Australia Open in January for meldonium, a recent addition to the International Tennis Federation’s banned substance list.

Meldonium is not approved by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) but is used in Sharapova’s native Russia, commonly used to treat heart disease. She has not yet been informed of any suspension or related punishment handed down by the ITF.

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