Its Yuletide Season & Officially Wishes You A Happy New Month Of Decemeber


hello december via firework tumblrIts Yuletide Season and officially welcomes you to the Month Of December. As we all know its a month of giving and receiving but a few would argue that you should give more and not expect anything in return.  May this month bring you such great tidings, Whatever that had caused you great sorrow, may it get a total turnaround this month, Every struggle will bow for victory in your lifes. Pity, shame, tears shall give way for you this month and pass you by, There is always manifestation in every expectation, all your expectations will receive manifestation, Favour will find you, The struggle of the previous months shall cease, Every accusation that the enemy wants to bring your way to deprive you of excellence shall be nullified, Restoration in your health, finances, family, education shall be yours this new month, Things that keeps you in the right kind of spirit about self worth shall be multiplied, for good. By the grace of the Almighty God.

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