Jimi Agbaje Highlights His Agenda As Lagos State 2015 PDP Governorship Aspirant


10959951_1616183411934952_2263171269119622134_oI’ve always maintained that knocking Governor B.R. Fashola (SAN) for his achievements all because I’m running for Governor on a different platform will just be playing mere politics – and that’s not what I’ve set out to do in this campaign. However, I like to think that Governor B.R. Fashola (SAN) and I have very different positions and ideologies when it comes to leadership and what we both think is critical to developing Lagos into a world class mega-city.

This leads me to an issue that needs to be addressed. An issue that has to do with our doctors and healthcare workers. First and foremost, I find it heart wrenching that at our level of development in Lagos, we still have to grapple with the decision of paying the salaries of our doctors. You see, quite simply, we cannot expect to have grown our economy by almost a hundred fold in the last 16 years without improving the lives and working conditions of our healthcare workers. It’s not just logical. What’s the purpose of building schools, if our children cannot afford it? What’s the purpose of building bridges, if it doesn’t connect people to commercial activity? What’s the purpose of leadership, if there are no followers? What’s the purpose of such great prosperity, if it doesn’t trickle down to the least of us? This is where I think we fundamentally differ. There’s a semblance of being progressive on the surface but the position and decisions that the honorable Governor has made over his tenure leaves us to wonder if truly he and the leaders in the Lagos’ ruling party, the APC, are true Progressives – in the footsteps of great Yoruba leaders like Awolowo and LK Jakande.

You see being progressive has nothing to do with your party. It’s in your lifestyle, in your instinct, it’s subconscious. I learnt this from my great mentor Pa Abraham Adesanya – A man that took me under his wings as a young politician and taught me all that I know about politics. He would say, “It’s about the people, Jimi. At the end of the day, no other metric counts, no validation is greater than the one you see on the faces and in the lives of our people. If they are hungry and without jobs; if they’re without a roof over their heads; if they’re uneducated and lack the basic life skills to compete; then we’ve all failed even if we build the tallest of skyscrapers or the longest of bridges.”


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