JOBCLICKR : Introducing Africa’s fastest growing JOB search Engine

    The usual job website are,,, etc. these are Job sites available in Nigeria and have made it easier for Nigerian Job seekers to find latest Jobs. The world we live in is always evolving, everyday new technological products are developed in various parts of the world, and Africa is definitely not left out.

    From the heart of Nigeria, we introduce to you,, A job search engine for Africa which is already revolutionizing the job market across Africa. Africans have always being accustomed to the traditional ways of finding jobs which is through our local newspapers, word of mouth from friends, bill board ads and TV commercials and more recently online job sites.
                                Neme Mouka was created to solve this situation, it’s a search engine, it basically searches every African site on the World Wide Web for Jobs, gets these feeds and provides it to each job seeker based on their search criteria , so  whether you are in Nigeria, Ghana, Zambia or……..

    Sierra Leone, finds jobs for you from anywhere.Its Founder Neme Muoka, a young Nigerian based in New York, an IT Industry Veteran fondly called China. Neme launched his first business when he was 16 and has since then launched a couple of businesses that he sold for a couple of millions many years back.With a bachelor’s degree in Physics and a Major in Electronics from an International University in Nigeria, West Africa. He has also worked for American Software resources (an IT recruitment firm based in Wall street NY) and for Google as a Product Specialist for Chrome Book Division. He is the President/CEO of El-kairos Inc. An IT Corporation based in New York, with offices in Africa and Europe.

    Neme has answers to questions about
    What exactly is

    Jobclickr is a job search engine that crawls/indexes all job sites in Africa and delivers the results in a uniquely arranged format.How can a Jobseeker use Jobclickr?

    1. Log on to the site, 
    2. Select the country you want to find jobs in, enter the job description you want to apply for. If you also want to search by city, you can click on the city link and type in the city you desire.
    3.Jobclickr will search over 5,000 job boards, blogs and newspapers (including our very own Punch Newspaper) and will deliver the results to the job seeker immediately. 

    How is Jobclickr beneficial to Nigerians and Africans?
    Jobclickr helps save a lot of time. Most times Jobseekers spend so much time online, searching for jobs from a million job sites, however Jobclickr does these search for jobseekers, while giving only relevant results.
    Although there are many job sites in Africa, many of these sites come as blogs and they have Bad SEO(Search Engine Optimization)Practices, these sites don’t make it to Google but crawls and indexes everything thereby providing results of all these sites based on job search relevance to each job seeker.
    At Spread Media, we totally agree that is a solution to the Job challenges faced by jobseekers in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. Thumps up to the Jobclickr Team.

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