Jokes: Akpos Writes His Mum A Letter.



Dear mummy,

I am very serious writing you this letter. I hope you are very much aware of the occassion ahead of us, World Cup. If you don’t know now you know. It runs from June to July. I therefore want to make some points clear to you:

1. Please don’t be sending me on errands when there is a match.

2. Psyche yourself cos I wont be sleeping early. And i would only wake up when a match is about to start. So get a house-help.

3. No Nigerian movies nor the so called soap so download them onto your laptop.

4. Only call me when food is ready. That should be half time or better still bring it to me.

Mummy please this season comes once in 4 years so let me enjoy it and support my favourite to the max. I am not counting on your coperation cos I have made up my mind already.

Your son, Akpos!


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