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Kannywood Acctress Rahama Sadau Says I won’t return to dancing

images Rahama Sadau also said Tonto Dikeh is her favourite Nollywood actress.

Rahama Sadau is a dance icon and about the only Kannywood actress that speaks Hindi fluently. An indigene of Kaduna State, she is among the upcoming stars making waves in Kannywood.

In An Interview recently with Rahama in Abuja.

What inspired you to join Kannywood?

I have always dreamt of becoming an actress since I was young; so, I never thought otherwise when the opportunity came.

What were the challenges you encountered when joining Kannywood?

My mum was not comfortable when I told her of my decision to join Kannywood. She doesn’t want me to be far from her; she believes actors travel to various locations even outside their states. She was skeptical, but after some time she agreed.

Which was your first movie?

‘Gani Ga wane’ was my first movie. I like it very well because I was starring opposite Ali Nuhu, and you know what it means to appear opposite Ali Nuhu in Kannywood.

What do you find great about Ali Nuhu?

He is the best and my mentor, that is all. It is a dream come true to have had my debut film alongside the multiple award winning actor.

You use to be a dancer, do you still dance?

Not at the moment. I have stopped dancing for quite some time now.

Do you intend to come back to your Indian dancing?

Not anymore. But I will surely dance in any film that requires it and I will do very well.rahma_sadau

Which movie has been the most challenging for you?

The most challenging was ‘Dogon Zamani’. That film was very demanding because the producer wanted the best; so we were tasked a lot.

What roles do you love to play?

Roles that are educative and entertaining and include some dancing.

Which foreign actor will you want to act with if given the opportunity?

Meeting Indian actress, Priyanka Chopra, and acting alongside her will be a dream come true.

Who is your favourite Nollywood actor or actress?

For me, it is Tonto Dikeh.

Which is your favourite film?

Sabon Sangaya is my best. I just like the film even though it is yet to be released.

Who is your favourite kannywood musician?

Nazifi, Umar and Nura.

What do you think needs to be improved in the Kannywood?

Everything in life needs improvement and I believe more support from government would help.

What is your favourite Food?

Pounded Yam.

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