Kannywood Movie Review: Kaddara Ko Fansa


Kaddara-ko-fansaThe storyline was shoddily presented Director: Ahmed Bifa Starring: Adam Zango, Rahama Sadau Year: 2014 Duration: 105mins Kaddara ko Fansa is about an angry young woman who is determined to take revenge for the events in her past by killing any man she comes in contact with. Maimuna (Rahama Sadau) grew up in a motherless babies’ home. She lost her virginity at a very young age through rape. As an adult, she was mocked in her community for being a bastard. Each time she finds a man she wishes to marry, the news of her parentage would somehow get to the prospective groom’s parents, putting paid to the relationship. Eventually, Maimuna decides to get back at society for her misfortune by killing her new suitors. Using her beauty, she seduces men and for fun, poisons them. After a string of unexplained murders, a policeman, Yerima (Adam Zango) eventually gets on her trail. He then pretends to fall in love with her in order to catch her in the act. Although the actors gave their best in their roles, the storyline was rather hurriedly presented. Maimuna’s reasons for becoming a serial killer was not properly established and over-exaggerated for effect. The continuity was poor, leaving one a bit confused at some points. The end of the movie was anti-climactic and failed to gel with the build-up to it. On a scale of 10, I would give Kaddara ko Fansa a three.

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