Kanye West Sentenced To 2 Years Probation, 250 Hours Community Service

Kanye West was in court recently for the photographer assault case which occurred last year July at Los Angeles International Airport. Kanye avoided felony charges but will get 250 hours of community service, 24 months probation, undergo 30 days of anger management counseling and one day in county jail. West pleaded “no contest” to misdemeanor battery today for the arrest. He is expected to be booked and immediately released. Way Back last year July 2013, Yeezus was seen exiting LAX as the paparazzi surrounded him to taking pictures. When one spoke to Kanye, the chi-town spitta restrained himself once but grew increasingly agitated by the pap. Ye lost his cool and answered back “I told you don’t talk to me, right?.” He walked towards the photographer and shouted “You trying to get me in trouble so I steal off on you and have to pay you like $250,000 and shit,” before charging the man and grabbing him and his camera. The tussle took place for a few seconds before a female voice can be heard telling Ye to stop. He then jumped into a vehicle and drove away. SEE MORE AFTER CUT>>>>
Medics came later to the scene to take care of the photographer who was grabbed as he quivered on the floor. Kanye West has now been sentenced to 2years probation and 250 hours community service after the attack on a photographer at Los Angeles Airport in 2013, Kanye pled no contest to one count of misdemeanor battery yesterday in response to photographer Daniel Ramos lawsuit against him. Kanye attacked Ramos at LAX airport in August last year as the paparazzo tried to take photos of him,Minus the two year probation and community service, Kanye is also required to complete 24 sessions of a level-2 anger management program and he must turn himself in to the LAPD for a formal booking. Kanye agreed to all this to make the case disappear from his record.
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