Katsina College releases Buhari’s Fake WAEC/WASC results? unmasking the maskable By Otunba Fred Diamond


10906366_323392871201684_626081639600752700_nOtunba Fred Diamond writes: Buhari is 72 years now and he took the examination in 1961 which is 53 years ago, then subtract 53 from 72 it will give you 19. That is to say that Buhari was 19 years old when he took that examination. Then look at the picture on the said WAEC result and tell me does that look like a 19 years old boy?Katsina College releases Buhari’s WASC results?

Please kindly take a look at this result and you will realize how fraudulent these guys are. This is forgery….This is FAKE. Was there anything like NECO in 1961? Is this how Buhari looks like in 1961? NECO was formed in 2000. This certificate also bears WASSCE which was WASC until it was changed to WASSCE in 1998. During his age, such
exams were not conducted in May/June…I mean in the 60s. WAEC School Certificate exams used to take place in November/December until 1973. And again there was nothing like SSCE back then. Also, our sick general is quoting Katsina state; please for your information Katsina state was created in 1987. This is FORGERY. This is PEGURY… This is FAKE…

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  1. Can anyone tell this Otunba Fred to look well before he leaps…? I think he needs to go back to school if he has already graduated, or remain there for more extra years if he hasn’t…. Does anyone care to ask me why? please do, I ‘ll explain.

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