Kenya’s BBAhotshot Ex Housemate Sabina wants President Uhuru to Reward Her Efforts


BBA-1024x576Kenya’s BBAhotshot Ex Housemate Sabina wants President Uhuru to Reward Her Efforts, BBA Hotshots, former Kenyan contestant, Sabina pictured above, “wants” president Uhuru Kenyatta to “recognize and reward” her participation in Africa’s biggest TV reality show. Sabina, who lasted only two weeks in Biggie’s house, asked the president to observe and emulate the trend other African countries have set. She says that a lot of former Big Brother Africa contestants have immensely benefited from the rewards from their governments and well wishers, but former Kenyan housemates are yet to receive such recognition.

“Look at what has just happened to Nigeria’s Tayo. His efforts were rewarded with a prize bigger than what Idris won at the show. And so many others before that have received huge “appreciation” either from their national governments or from well-wishing individuals. However, in Kenya, we don’t show appreciation for our talents. I am, therefore, calling out on our president to just look at what we are doing for this country and do something about it,” she told Word Is.

Sabina is warming up towards hosting an upcoming TV show on a local station as well as lending her acting prowess on several films.

She says: “I will be joining Tanzania’s former BBA housemate, Laveda, in acting in a film she is working on. I am also working on a film, but I will be the producer so my fans may not see me in that one.”

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