Killer Co-pilot Of Germanwings Plane Spiced Flight Captain Cockpit coffee With drug To Get Him Visit Toliet


germanwings-mainMore shocking details on how Killer co-pilot crashed a Germanwings plane with 150 onboard has emerged..It has now been revealed that ,Andreas Lubitz spiked the cockpit coffee of flight captain Patrick Sondenhemer with a drug making him go to the toilet..

Needing the captain to leave the cockpit so he could achieve his evil plan,27-year old Lubitz surfed on-line for diuretic drugs. According to reports in Germany,the latest information comes from Lubitz’s computer seized by Dusseldorf prosecutors shortly after the disaster. Lubitz may have acquired a diuretic which increases the need to urinate – to pour into the drink of the captain, accelerating his need to use an on-board bathroom.

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