Killer Co-pilot Of German Wing’s Girlfriend & Her Family Flee Their Home


uyyyThe girlfriend of killer co-pilot Andreas Lubtiz is believed to be too scared to return to the small town they both grew up in fearing the she will face the ‘hatred of the world.. Uk Dailymail reports that ,Kathrin Goldbach and her family are said to be so afraid of being blamed for the Germanwings crash – caused by Lubitz after he flew the plane he was co-piloting into the French Alps – that they have fled the town and vowed to never return.

The 26-year-old maths teacher, her rescue volunteer brother Andreas and their parents told friends they do not plan to return to their home in the centre of the close-knit rural community of Montabaur.A friend of the distraught family said:  ‘The girlfriend of the co-pilot has nothing to do with what happened. But the hatred of the world is coming down upon her, and you know this place is so small, it is very hard for them to come back here.They would have to look to find somewhere to stay around here if they wanted to get away. It is just not possible for them to keep a low profile so they are not coming back.It is so much easier if you live in Dusseldorf or somewhere like that.But for the parents to come back here, it was almost impossible for them, it is just too small a town.’

An extremely shaken Miss Goldbach, who is seeking comfort from a priest, told investigators that her long-term boyfriend Lubtiz had whisked her away on holiday just days before his death. The young teacher also confirmed that in the weeks before the crash he had bought ‘his and her’ luxury Audi’s for himself and Miss Goldbach.

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