Kim Kardashian Arrives Home To L.A. Without New Husband Kanye West




Kim Kardashian, 33, was seen solo, without her new husband Kanye West, as she arrived in New York City on Sunday, before connecting to a flight home to L.A. Kanye, 36, is set to headline the X Games in Austin, Texas, but those don’t kick off until Thursday, so it’s a mystery as to why the hip-hop artist would have parted ways with Kim so soon. It seems that the pair’s trip to Ireland may have gone awry, as sources say they were seldom seen smiling or showing any signs of affection.  Insiders claim the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star was disappointed by her new husband’s idea of the perfect honeymoon in rainy, Ireland and was hoping for a more glam holiday to match her fabulous Italian wedding and chic pre-wedding festivities in France. Kim was allegedly so bored during the couple’s five-night stay that she begged Kanye to leave early, even skipping a pre-planned, one day stop in Dublin.A source says that by day four, Kim was so bored with her ho-hum honeymoon that she begged Kanye to fly to Prague, Czech Republic a day early so they could attend a festive Friday night rehearsal party, as well as the Saturday wedding of Kanye’s personal stylist, Renelou Padera.

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