Kim Kardashian gets $1 million to visit Saudi Arabia


Naya-Rivera-Looks-Like-Kim-KardashianKim Kardashian gets $1 million to visit Saudi Arabia, Kim Kardashian is heading to Saudi Arabia for the very first time but her forthcoming trip raises eyebrows especially after she refused a Saudi prince’s proposal to collect $1 million dollars in exchange for a night! According to MediaTakeOut, a wealthy Saudi Prince once told Kim on Instagram that he’d give her a million US dollars just to spend one night with her!So when the star’s rep announced she will be visiting the country for her very first time, fans began to question if she’d finally agreed to her rich male fan’s proposal… or is this trip just a coincidence? Kim will be in Saudi Arabia in January 2015 and yes, she does travel around the world, making appearances for money!

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