Kim West Gets worried about Kanye following emergency Rush To hospital




Following an emergency dash to hospital, Kanye West and his wife Kim Kardashian are enjoying a day of rest in Sydney. But fears are still being held for the rapper who was rushed to hospital in Victoria suffering a severe headache on Wednesday. Doctors were concerned the artist had suffered a seizure or was about to and requested an urgent MRI.Sources close to the rapper have confirmed he was admitted to hospital but was later discharged. Kim is really worried about her husband’s health, a Melbourne hotel source tells Woman’s Dayexclusively. Our insider says Kanye, who was up at 5am, looked unwell as he prepared for their flight to Sydney. “Kanye didn’t look like he’d slept last night. He looked shattered and you could see he wasn’t feeling well,” the source tells us. “Kim was overheard telling people they thought he may be coming down with the flu, but she seemed really worried like it was a lot more than that.”

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