King Sunny Ade Aka KSA: No Musician Retires Until They Are Old Or Something Happens?


King Sunny Ade, shares his life experiences in this interview, A lot of people might find it very difficult to believe that you are 67 with your looks; what is the magic? There is no magic; I just find myself like this. It’s true people tell me that I don’t look my age and whenever they say so, I get back home and look at myself in the mirror. But within myself, I know I am old. Truth is, I don’t have any magic than to give God the glory for a good health. SEE MORE AFTER CUT>>>
Maybe you do sports to keep you in shape.
Well, I wouldn’t call myself a sports man in that sense but I love sports. Within my compound, I have a scotch court, tennis court, small basketball court and other outdoor sports but that doesn’t mean I do sports often. The stage alone is enough sport where I dance and jump all over the place. I think that I am just lucky because I don’t wake up in the morning and do any exercise like a workout.

At 67, are you looking at retirement soon?
No musician can retire until they are old or something happens. Music is in the blood and it is in the reservoir

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