Kona quiz answers: Unresolved issues




Kona quiz answers: Unresolved issues. Some people don’t handle pressure well while others discover inner strength in the face of unforeseen trouble. Check out the answers from this week’s quiz and find out which camp the Kona family members reside in.

1. Who stops by to check on Wangui? Koross.

2. In what state do they find her? Koross finds that Wangui has been drinking and is nursing bitterness after her failed evening with Wanjala.

3. What threats does Abasi make to Simon regarding the fight? Abasi promises to severely punish Simon later.

4. What happens when Abasi tries to indirectly reprimand Pammie for working on the Friday Night Warriors fight? Pamela meets him head on and unashamedly applauds his failure to stop the fights.

5. Who has set up a new fight for Wanjala in a few weeks with a Nigerian boxing star that Wanjala personally admires? Tasha.

6. What’s the name of the Nigerian boxer? Jungle.

7. What’s Jimmy’s reaction to Lucky and Pammie’s new idea to publicise the fights? Jimmy thinks it is a ridiculous idea.

8. What kind of romantic date does Simon take Pamela on? Simon took Pamela out on a picnic.

9. What transpires between the two budding love birds? Things got heated up between them only for Simon to pull back again.

10. Korross visits Julia bearing a gift with what intention in mind? Koross’ purpose for the visit was to gather information on Wanjala’s search for his biological father.  SEE MORE ON PAGE2

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