Konga.com Price Match Guarantees The Lowest Prices Online In NIgeria


Great news for online shopping in NigeriaKonga.com price match guarantee which ensures that customers get the lowest prices for electronics online in Nigeria. We pride ourselves in being able to provide our customers with the lowest prices possible on electronics in Nigeria online. If you buy a qualifying item on Konga.com and then find an identical item on another retailer’s website for a lower price within 48 hours, They will match that price and refund you the difference. Here are the details:
  • Qualifying items include electronics sold by Konga (excludes marketplace items)
  • The matched item must be identical in brand name, model number, size, color, weight and quantity.
  • Price must be valid at the time the price match is requested.
  • Proof of lower price will be required – the price must be located on the online retailer’s website.
  • Online retailer’s item must be in stock – prices of out-of-stock items will not be matched. SEE MORE AFTER CUT>>>>>>>
  • Online retailer’s eligibility is subject to our discretion.
  • We reserve the right to verify the online retailer’s price prior to matching.
  • We will only honor one price match per identical item per customer.
  • Konga Mall sellers are excluded from the price match guarantee.
We will not match the following:
  • Konga Mall seller prices
  • Buy one, get one free, bundled offers, free gift with purchase and other promotional pricing
  • Clearance/Closeouts/Refurbished/Liquidation sale prices
  • Percentage-off or Naira-off prices
  • Seasonal or special sale prices
  • Out-of-stock or Limited quantity items
This is great news, you don’t need to be afraid of price fluctuations, get the lowest prices on electronics
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