Konga.com shows off KExpress Fleet of over 200 vehicles ‘Show of Strength’ Tour



Konga.com shows off KExpress Fleet of over 200 vehicles ‘Show of Strength’ Tour, One of Nigeria’s largest online malls, Konga.com took the general public by surprise as its delivery unit – KExpress – embarked on an impressive tour across Lagos, with a convoy of about 200 KExpress vehicles of different types. The tour went by iconic locations in Lagos such as the Oshodi Heritage Park, the Maryland Independence Tunnel, the Third Mainland bridge, the National Stadium in Surulere etc. This move demonstrated Konga.com’s readiness to satisfactorily fulfill the huge volume of orders expected this yuletide season.


KExpress, launched by Konga.com in April this year to meet up with the increase in the volume of orders the company delivering daily, provides jobs for almost 300 individuals who manage the delivery of thousands of orders on Konga daily. The KExpress fleet comprises about 150 delivery bikes, about 50 vans and several trucks which deliver a diverse array of items with some as large as a Jacuzzi to smaller items such as perfumes and jewelry.

Commenting on the KExpress launch, Konga’s Director Fulfillment Operations, Mr. Wale Adisa explained that the launch was a key milestone for Konga.com. He said, “Over the past few months, we have been working very hard to put this system in place. At Konga.com our mantra is ‘the Customer sits on the throne’, satisfying our customers is the foremost concern at Konga; this move would help ensure that we consistently deliver the high quality of service so many Nigerians have come to associate Konga.com with today.” Commenting on the huge capital investment required to set up KExpress, Wale said, “Konga.com is not here to play, we are here for the long haul. Creating a strong foundation is critical to enabling Konga.com achieve its long term mission, ‘To be the engine of Trade and Commerce in Africa’.  SEE MORE ON PAGE 2

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