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‘Ladies contribute to sexual harassment’ Nollywood Actress, Ufuoma McDermott Says

ufoma Have you had Any sexual harassment, any since you started acting?

No and I can assure you there won’t be any for me. I will never parade myself in any way that can suggest that and so, will not have it.

Nigerian men have respect for women and themselves. Except when they are under a particular influence or you boxed them into that corner, they don’t just have their flips off. Nigerian ladies have a lot to contribute to sexual harassment in this part of the country.

If we will carry ourselves honorably and put a price on ourselves, we won’t be harassed; These men aren’t crazy, they will seek your consent before embarking on anything. Even rape cases can be avoided if one is careful and vigilant enough. Again, this affects every sector and not just the entertainment industry alone.

Mothers especially, should train their children how to dress well, talk responsibly in the public, behave decently and other etiquettes of life, charity, they say begin at home.

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