Lagos Mile 12, Market’s filthness Is No Barrier To Trading



Lagos Mile 12, Market’s filthness Is No Barrier To TradingPeople who patronise the ever busy Mile 12 Market located in Kosofe Local Government Area of Lagos State, going through thick black mud is a common sight.With the onset of the rainy season, the Mile 12 market has become a mud and filth infested enclosure where traders and buyers alike carry out their day – to – day activities without bothering about the health hazards of conducting business in a very dirty environment.Traders and customers alike have to slide through thick mud in Wellington boots popularly called rainboots, regardless of whether it is raining or not.

A first time visitor must patronise one of the young men sitting at the entrance gate and whose main business is to lend out rain boots which costs N50 depending on the duration of use.

Right from the entrance of the market, is a thick coat of black mud mixed together with rotten vegetables and other refuse giving off a bad and terrible smell; bad enough to make one almost throw up.

The swampy path leads into the market filled with all kinds of foodstuff. Many of the young men, who offload trucks filled with different foodstuffs, are already used to the environment and so make do without the boots. For them it’s a normal life.

Apart from the obviously filthy environment, the Mile 12 market is very well structured with various foodstuffs segmented in sections. This makes it very easy to locate the section where you want to buy your foodstuffs.  SEE MORE ON PAGE2

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