Lagos State Governor Babatunde Fashola Condemns Attacks On Jonathan’s Convoy


FasholaLagos State governor, Mr Babatunde Fashola has condemned the reported attacks on President Goodluck Jonathan’s convoy in Bauchi State and other parts of the country, saying nobody has the right to attack the president.

Fashola who said this at an occasion to mark his 2,800 days in office, affirmed that the president has the right to campaign anywhere in country, adding that such behaviours must be condemned if the country wants to move forward.

The governor urged the president to dissociate himself from inflammatory and derogatory statements being made in his name, noting that such statements could spur attacks against him.

He said, “For example, it was reported that the governor of Bauchi, if that report is correct, said that those who attacked the president’s convoy were not APC members, that they were members of their own party who were disgruntled about the gubernatorial ticket in their state.

“Now, APC was accused of the attacks and nobody must attack the president. Let me be clear on that. He has a right like anybody to move freely around especially at this campaign time, and this is not about violence; the vote is really the choice that we need to make, so I want to be clear on that.

“But you see, look at what the president’s campaign has done; they started campaigning before INEC said it was time. As if that was not bad enough, some people have come out to say that if the president loses, heavens will fall. Now it is not the president saying so but it is being said on his behalf. For me, if somebody is true to a peace accord, he must disclaim those statements.”

Speaking further on the peace accord signed by President Jonathan and the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), he added that the Peace Accord was a mere gentleman’s agreement, saying what is important is the conduct thereafter.


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