Lagos State Now Set To Shutdown 10,444 Unregistered Private Schools


The Lagos State Government  is set to shutdown 10,444 unregistered private schools which littered the state. This follows the discovery by the state government that of the 15,000 private schools operating in the state, only 4,556 were registered. Deputy Governor of the state, Dr. Oluranti Adebule disclosed this at the 3rd quarterly stakeholders’ forum of private schools owners held at the Secretariat, Alausa in Ikeja, Lagos, Southwest Nigeria on Monday

“Government is not comfortable with our discovery that over 15,000 private schools are operating in the State and only just 4,556 are approved and registered; Let me state it clearly, henceforth, Lagos State Government will no longer allow private schools that are not duly registered by the Lagos State Ministry of Education to operate in the State, their operation becomes illegal henceforth in the State,” she warned

The deputy warned. that schools not registered or approved by the State Ministry of Education would not operate, noting that some schools failed to take the advantage the easy registration procedure put in place by the State government. She added that the government would soon begin enumeration of all registered private schools operating in the State from 26 September, 2016

“The enumeration exercise is aimed at providing the State government with accurate data and necessary information on private schools so as to set effective quality control mechanism in place and monitor compliance,” she stated

Why in the first place should any school be running without being registered with Government ?

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