Latest Prices Of New Blackberry Phones In Nigeria

Full list of latest blackberry phones and their prices in Nigeria, note prices are listed in Naira and they are the latest price you can get don’t get scammed. The list will be updated to reflect changes of prices and if you cant find your blackberry of preference on the list, just drop a comment here about that and I will update it for You.   SEE TABLE AFTER CUT>>>>>

Blackberry Z10 N65,000
Blackberry Q5 N61,000
Blackberry Q10 N92,000
Blackberry Bold 5 (9900) N64,500
Blackberry Bold 6 (9790) N47,000
Blackberry 9720 N45,000
Blackberry Curve 4 (9360) N34,500
Blackberry Curve 6 (9220) N23,000
Blackberry Curve 7 (9320) N27,500
Blackberry Touch 2 (9810) N57,000
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