Lessons To Be learnt from Manny Pacquiao & Floyd Mayweather’s fight by Davis King



1. Choose your fights wisely. Manny has been asking for this fight for 5 years now but Floyd kept turning it down because he was studying his style. Manny has fought 57 matches in this category and lost or drew 5 of them. Floyd has fought 48 matches (today’s own inclusive) in this category and won all. That’s because he chooses his fights wisely. Life’s lesson: don’t be everywhere doing everything. Be tactful. Prepare well and give it a go when you are ready. Don’t hustle, strategize instead. Don’t beat the air, study to show yourself approved.

2. Do what matters. Floyd threw very few punches but they were clean punches that hit the right points. Manny was busy throwing plenty many punches. I watched that closely. Life’s lesson: Don’t just get busy, get busy doing what counts. Success in life is not about activities, it is about doing what is required.

3. Don’t be in a hurry to succeed. When you meet a tough challenge, be determined to overcome it and concentrate throughout. Manny is a tough hustler throwing plenty punches from first round. Floyd, from time is known to use his first 9 rounds to study his opponent and the last 3 to finish that opponent. This was exactly what played out again. Life’s lesson: to succeed, you need to take your time. There’s no prize for being the youngest achiever. Professor at 32 years of age and professor at 67 years of age are both professors.



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