Let’s Discuss: Now That He’s Eligible, Will Alamieyeseigha Contest Election In 2015?

It’s no longer news that DSP Alamieyeseigha has been granted a presidential pardon despite being convicted of corruption. Opinions from the world round all point at one thing; why will a country supposedly fighting hard to fight corruption pardon people who have been convicted of corruption, and have proven they can’t be trusted.Could the reason for Alamieyeseigha’s pardon be because he’s a changed man like the predient of Nigeria claims? Or is it because the president is trying to requite Alamieyeseigha’s favour? Remember Alamieyeseigha put Goodluck Jonathan in line for the presidency the day he chose him as his running mate for the Bayelsa State gubernatorial elections…although he never could have known how the story would end.

Nigerians are so creative that we already have a poster of Alamieyeseigha campaigning for a Senatorial seat in 2015. Wait a minute! They can’t be thinking towards this line…or do they by any chance think Alamieyeseigha can win any election again in this country? Now that he has been pardoned, he’s eligible to contest election in 2015 or get involved in governance one way or the other. Whatever is going on in their corruption-ridden minds, I just can’t wait to watch them take actions.

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