List Of 14 New Power Holding Companies in Nigeria: Company Name And Location


The Federal Government handed over the physical assets of the Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) on the November 1st, 2013(1/10/2013), to the 14 successor companies are listed below:
List of 14 Power Holding Companies in Nigeria
  • Amperion Power Co. Ltd (Geregu),
  • Transcorp/Woodrock (Ughelli),
  • Integrated Energy Company (Ibadan),
  • NEDC/KEPCO (Ikeja),
  • Vitro Power Ltd. (Benin),
  • Aura Energy Ltd. (Jos),                                     SEE MORE AFTER CUT>>>>>
  • Integrated Energy Company (Yola),
  • Mainstream Energy Ltd. (Kainji),
  • West Power & Gas (Eko Kann Consortium (Abuja),
  • 4Power Consortium (Port Harcourt),
  • Sahelian Power SPV Ltd.
List of New 14 Power Holding Companies in Nigeria – Company Name and Location
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