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List Of All The Olubadan who have reigned In Ibadan:


In 1946, the Ibadan Native Authority made a declaration under the Native Law and Custom regarding the appointment of a new ruler of the town that Balogun eventually ceased to be the only successor to the Baale. Part of the Declaration made in 1946 read thus: “The holder of any title in either the Olubadan line or the Balogun line in the rank of senior Chief shall be eligible for the post of Olubadan, but the two lines shall succeed in turn. In the event of a vacancy occurring, Chiefs in the line from which the late holder was promoted shall not be eligible”. The Chieftaincy declaration was incorporated into the Chiefs Law of 1957 section 4 (3) and it went further to treat the eleven members of Olubadan.

List Of All The Olubadan who have reigned In Ibadan Below:

Lagelu was the 1st Olubadan
It should be noted that there were many Olubadan after Lagelu that were lost in history
Ba’ale Maye Okunade (1820–1830)
Ba’ale Oluyedun
Ba’ale Lakanle
Bashorun Oluyole 1850
Ba’ale Oderinlo 1850
Ba’ale Oyeshile Olugbode 1851–1864
Ba’ale Ibikunle 1864 (He was to be installed but died before ascending the throne)
Bashorun Ogunmola 1865–1867
Ba’ale Akere I 1867–1870
Ba’ale Orowusi 1870–1871
Are Ona Kakanfo Obadoke Latosa 1871–1885
Ba’ale Ajayi Osungbekun 1885–1893
Ba’ale Fijabi I 1893–1895
Ba’ale Oshuntoki 1895–1897
Ba’ale Fajinmi 1897–1902
Ba’ale Mosaderin 1902–1904
Ba’ale Dada Opadare 1904–1907
Ba’ale Sunmonu Apampa 1907–1910
Ba’ale Akintayo Awanibaku Elenpe 1910–1912
Ba’ale Irefin 1912–1914
Ba’ale Shittu Latosa (son of Are Latosa) 1914–1925
Ba’ale Oyewole Foko 1925–1929
Olubadan Okunola Abass 1930–1946
Olubadan Akere I 1946
Olubadan Oyetunde I 1946
Olubadan Akintunde Bioku 1947–1948
Olubadan Fijabi II 1948–1952
Olubadan Alli Iwo 1952
Olubadan Apete 1952–1955
Oba Isaac Babalola Akinyele 1955–1964
Oba Yesufu Kobiowu July 1964 – December 1964
Oba Salawu Akanni Aminu 1965–1971
Oba Shittu Akintola Oyetunde II 1971–1976
Oba Gbadamosi Akanbi Adebimpe 1976–1977
Oba Daniel ‘Tayo Akinbiyi 1977–1982
Oba Yesufu Oloyede Asanike I 1982–1994
Oba Emmanuel Adegboyega Operinde I (1994–1999)
Oba Yunusa Ogundipe Arapasowu I (1999–2007)
Oba Ayoola Paul Ayodele I July 2007-September 2007
Oba Samuel Odulana Odungade I (2007–2016)

And now, Saliu Adetunji 2016- ?? ….May his reign bring fortune to the entire Yorubaland!

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