Listen To Queen Ure Latest Song Titled: ‘Sugar Alert’

00....Listen To Queen Ure Latest Song Titled: ‘Sugar Alert’, Ure Okezie, popularly called Queen Ure, aka, the Porpori Queen is out with another single titled Sugar Alert. The song was written by Queen Ure and produced by George Nathaniel, who produced some of the songs on P-Square’s latest Album.
Sugar Alert is a Highlife song with a fusion of Pop. It’s a playful feel-good song that expresses the power of money, especially, in a relationship.  The message is for the men to take up their positions as providers, bringing in the finances; when they do that, everything else in the home will improve including the “sex life”. The video will drop early 2015.
Queen Ure is an ex-banker and Life Coach. She is the only daughter of a one-time minister of Agriculture, medical doctor and politician, late Dr. J.O.J Okezie. She came fully into the music industry in 2012 with her single A better place and later in 2012, she dropped her first video for her song Porpori and a 15-track album titled Porpori.  


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