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Live Updates: INEC Commences Announcement Of Edo State 2016 Gubernatorial Election Results

4293970_screenshot20160929091611_jpegfb02b1adb3890e54c5fc48a1dbb065d4 4293972_img20160929092357_jpegd7a3ac879828a4e5763d27780bbf1fe7The Independent National Electoral Commission has commenced announcement of gubernatorial election that took place across the state on Wednesday.

Results below: 1. Owan West LGA   APC: 12, 862 PDP: 10,132 Registered Voters: 54, 406 Accredited Voters: 24, 487   2.  Egor LGA   APC: 26,177 PDP: 19,514 Registered Voters: 184,296 Accredited Voters: 49,802

The result is expected to be a two-horse race between the candidate of the ruling All Pro‎gressives Congress, APC, Godwin Obaseki, and Osagie Ize-Iyamu of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.


8.39: Obaseki’s running mate creates scene at INEC, protests cancellation of results in some units

Phillip Shaibu, the running mate of the governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Godwin Obaseki, is now at the INEC office to protest the cancellation of results of some units in his ward in Jattu, Etsakor West Local Government Area.

The deputy governorship candidate who arrived the INEC office at about 8 a.m. was barred from entering into the office with the collation officer for Etsakor West.

He was told he could not enter nor be anywhere around the vicinity of INEC office. Only his agent could have access, he was told.

But Mr. Shaibu insisted he had a complaint to make against the collation officer whom he said had no right to cancel the units.

The argument degenerated into pushing as he forced his way through the security blockade.

He, however, managed to pull through into the hall.

We were not able to ascertain whether he was attended to as online reporters were not allowed into the collation room.

9.26: Three polling units cancelled.

450 votes cancelled due to snatched boxes and destruction of electoral material.

9.27: LGA: Owan West

Number of registered voters: 54,406

Number of accredited voters: 24,487

APC: 12,862

PDP: 10,132

Total votes cast: 23,290

Rejected votes: 1,002

9.27: LGA: Egor

Number of registered voters: 184,296

Number of accredited voters: 49,802

APC: 26,177

PDP: 19,514

Total valid votes cast: 46,728

Rejected votes: 2,811

One polling unit cancelled because of failure to use the card reader.

9.35: LGA: Esan North East

Number of registered voters: 74,293

Number of accredited voters: 27,121

APC: 9,130

PDP: 16,220

Total valid votes: 25,747

Rejected votes: 1,197

Three cancellations due to number of votes cast exceeding number of accredited voters.

9.55: Igueben

Number of registered voters: 42,655

Number of accredited voters: 16,482

APC: 7,802

PDP: 7,560

Total valid votes: 15,506

Rejected votes: 580

Two polling units cancelled.

9.56: LGA: Uhunmwode

Number of registered voters: 62,987

Number of accredited voters: 21,927

APC: 10,911

PDP: 8,667

Total valid votes: 19,971

Rejected votes: 1,759

There was cancellation of results in three polling units due to violence and discrepancy between the number of accredited voters and total votes cast.

10.09: LGA: Esan South East

Number of registered voters: 66,695

Number of accredited voters: 22,522

APC: 9,554

PDP: 11,466

Total valid votes: 21,250

Rejected votes: 806

10.21: LGA: Oredo

Number of registered voters: 273,614

Number of accredited voters: 74,076

APC: 37,612

PDP: 30,492

Total valid votes: 69,401

Rejected votes: 4,311

10.51: LGA: Orhionmwon

Number of registered voters: 102,921

Number of accredited voters: 34,270

APC: 15,262

PDP: 16,446

Total valid votes: 32,213

Rejected votes: 1,788

10.56: LGA: Esan West

Number of registered voters: 87,867

Number of accredited voters: 31,866

APC: 13,114

PDP: 16,311

Total valid votes: 29,963

Rejected votes: 1,563

11.02: The INEC officials have gone on a little recess, temporarily halting the announcement of results.

11.08: Nine local government results have been announced so far. APC wins 5, PDP wins 4.

PDP supporters besiege INEC office, protest results released so far

Supporters of the opposition People’s Democratic Party are already spoiling for violence as INEC releases results of nine of the 18 local government areas.

They have besieged the secretariat of the INEC at Ikpoba Hill in large numbers blocking the road.


11.49: Police teargas protesting PDP supporters who accused Edo Governor of rigging the results of yesterday’s election.

The protesters were demanding the cancellation of the results announced so far.

INEC continues with announcement of results.

12.20: Owan East:

Total votes cast: 36,122

APC: 21, 233
PDP: 12,889

12.24: Ovia North East:

APC: 17, 561
PDP: 13, 141

12.27: Esan Central

Valid votes: 20,211

Rejected votes: 1153

Total votes cast: 21,364

APC: 9781
PDP: 10,180



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