Local vigilante ‘Recaptures’ Mubi in Adamawa State & Drive Out Boko Haram



 Local vigilante ‘Recaptures’ Mubi in Adamawa State & Drive Out Boko Haram , There are reports that members of the Civilian JTF, a local vigilante in Adamawa state have “recaptured” Mubi town from Boko Haram members after they launched a daring night time attack  between yesterday November 12th and 13th, Local militia in Adamawa State have driven Boko Haram militants out of Mubi, a key town in the northeast state, nearly two weeks after the town fell to the insurgents, the state governor and residents said Thursday. A spokesperson to Governor Bala Ngilari said on Thursday that Mubi is now “quite different from what it used to be”. He said local vigilante, popularly called Civilian JTF, launched a daring night time attack on Boko Haram insurgents in Mubi and drove them out of town between Wednesday and Thursday. The government said the operation received some support from the military. The Defence Headquarters could not confirm the operation. Spokesperson, Chris Olukolade, could not be reached. A military official, however, said  the operation was not as “conclusive as claimed”. But the Adamawa State government said the operation was successful and that Mubi is now free of Boko Haram.  SEE MORE ON PAGE 2


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