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14329974_339451933074623_9100597905939700626_n THEME: REAL CHILDREN OF GOD HAVE UNSHAKEABLE FAITH

TEXT: Esther 4:16, Daniel 3:13-30

“But the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits. ” (Daniel 1 1 :32)

Today’s Christians demonstrate the love of self first before the love of God. While the apostles rejoiced that they were counted worthy to be flogged because of the name of Christ, today’s believers are afraid and dismayed that they are persecuted by people of the world. While the prayers of those before us were characterized by brokenness of spirit and contriteness of heart and with serious heart-felt groaning, those of today’s believers are characterized by chewing gums, watching left and right and engaging in distractions such as pressing their mobile phones or picking calls during prayers. While those before us endured to receive God’s promises for decades, today’s believers are quick to seek for alternative sources of power any time there appears to be delay. The list is endless.

Serving God is not a bread and butter affair. It is a serious business — a true test of faith. Those that know the power of God are not afraid of death. Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego demonstrated it as they told King Nebuchadnezzar that under no circumstance would they worship his god no matter the pressure — even if God fails to save them. And they stood by it. Esther decided that she was going to break official protocol even if it meant death for her. These are examples of those that knew their God and as Daniel declared, they did great exploits.

Sing spirit filled songs unto God and thank Him for everything He has accomplished in your life and then take the following prayer points.

Prayer Points:
1. By the power and authority in the name of Jesus Christ, I refuse to bow down to any idol or image of my father’s house, in Jesus’ name.

2. Any evil fire kindled against me, I command it to be quenched by the Son of God, in Jesus’ name.

3. Any power addressing me as son/daughter; I am not your son/daughter. Be destroyed by fire, in Jesus’ name.


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