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14063888_1103565706392049_6947968381711132625_n THEME: THE LORD WILL SCATTER THEM

TEXT: Psalm 18:3-17, Luke 1:70-75

“I will call upon the LORD, who is worthy to be praised: so shall I be saved from mine enemies. ” (Psalm 18:3)

Many people are yet to be acquainted with the nature of the battle confronting them and so they put in little effort and chicken out at every challenge. As a result, they are easily defeated. The battle against the devil is not a battle for the lily–livered and the faint-hearted. You must go for the enemy’s jugular. I do not know the witch or wizard battling against your life. But packing out because of them is not the best. Ask God to intervene. What is that recurring evil in your life or the yoke or inherited bondage you are going through? You must call upon the Lord and ask Him to deal with them decisively and end their chapter.

You must be unrelenting in prayer. Bible says that Jesus prayed until the sweat on His face appeared like drops of blood, Blind Bartimaeus cried against public opinion. Hannah wept sore until she could no longer utter a word and she was groaning. You must understand that without a broken spirit and a contrite heart you cannot make the prayer that will touch heaven. Time lost can never be regained

Sing spirit filled songs unto God and thank Him for everything He has accomplished in your life and then take the following points.

Prayer Points:
1. Every battle that I am going through now; Holy Ghost fight for me, defend me on every front and give me victory on every front, In Jesus’ name. All the battles against witches and wizards, ancestral powers of my father’s house, marine spirit powers and household enemies; Lord, fight them to a standstill. Let them be Discomfited, In Jesus’ name.

2. Any power that has vowed that I Will never be a beneficiary of God’s abundance and is following me about and monitoring my Iife/progress to know when blessing is coming, so that they will divert/oppose it, I command the judgment/anger of God upon them and their kingdom. Let the Holy Ghost disband them by fire, in Jesus’ name.


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