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Lota Chukwu’s Food Diary – Steak, Salad, Pepper Sauce & Home-Made Mayonnaise  

Lota’s Food Diary.

Hi, I’m back again 🙌 trust your week went well, the other day I shared my chicken soup recipe, to those that tried it, how did it go? Today we are doing steak, salad, pepper sauce and home-made mayonnaise. Enjoy!!!


*Marinate steak in marinade for as long as you desire, the longer the tastier (I usually go for 24hrs)
*Cook the steak on both sides 2 minutes each (if it’s cooked for too long it gets chewy)
*Preheat the oven at 180° for 5 minutes
*Apply a little (olive or coconut) oil on your steak and grill (length of time depends on how done you want your steak to be). Because of the juice dropping, the oven might smoke so don’t close the door totally

*wash your leafy greens thoroughly with salt and roughly shred with your hands into large chunks

*Blend your pepper and add to preheated oil.
*Continue stirring to prevent it from burning
*Add your seasoning and whatever Spice you need
*When it’s dry, add soy sauce and some more water depending on how watery you want it to be

*Break eggs carefully to get the yolk
*Pour yolk in a metallic (EXTREMELY IMPORTANT) bowl and whisk.
*Continue whisking for about 5 minutes and add some freshly squeezed lemon juice.
*Add olive oil gradually
(it usually requires two people to make it or an experienced person because you have to keep whisking)
*The amount of olive oil added determine the amount of mayonnaise you’ll get.
*Add squashed garlic
*Whisk some more and serve.

Suggested Serving.

And there we are, it’s the weekend, you can try this and feel free to “modify” the recipe, do let me know by dropping your comments here, so I can try your style too 😉

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